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Established in Sakarya Province in 2005 and having increased its area from 17.5 to 35 hectars our nursery specialized in cultivation and production of outdoor ornamental plants. A large selection of plants in many different varieties and dimensions are available.
Our nursery also offers Landscape & Environmental Design services including: projects, structural landscaping, plant landscaping and irrigation system services. Substructure and drainage system are also set up and automatic irrigation and fertilization are in use.
Our sales region extends over 60.000 m2 area with 200.000 pot-grown plant capacity and is arranged according to European Standarts. The sales region also includes: 8.000 m2 shading area and 4.000 m2 in-door professionel green house area. The production area with 300.000 plant capacity extends over 290.000 m2 area.

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